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  • Don’t Call Trump’s Housing Order a YIMBY Plan – The President Just Signed an Executive Order Calling for States and Cities to Pursue Zoning Reform: But affordable housing advocates aren’t celebrating: “If something did happen, my guess would be they’d look into packing a bunch of new density into already low-income communities, use the specter of density to influence [divestment], and call it ‘removing barriers.”
  • Of Course Republicans are YIMBYs – Real estate makes up 60% of all global assets; the industry is extremely powerful; and YIMBY ideas are pro-market and would generally make them more money by attacking regulations they don’t like. Thus it makes sense that Indiana’s Republican Senator Todd Young has just introduced the “YIMBY ACT.”
  • Trump wants to deregulate local zoning. Housing advocates are skeptical — Ben Carson’s turn to YIMBYism was puzzling. But given his Libertarian bent, it makes sense that Carson would advocate for deregulation that would allow private developers more space with which to build new housing.
  • Trump’s Gentrification Scheme to Enrich Real Estate Developers – A tax loophole intended to help the poor is funneling money to wealthy investors.  The thinking behind the zones reflects Republican faith in privatization as a cure-all.
  • Trump and Beyond: The Developers and Investors Who Own America – With a developer assuming the presidency, real estate is arguably more political, and more important, than ever.
  • YIMBY, White Privilege, and the Soul of Our Cities – An agenda for building up the power base of the neoliberal right is not going to get too far in liberal beachheads like San Francisco or New York using the traditional Republican platform. It needs a new story that appeals to young millennials, and it has found it in the “pro-housing” language of the YIMBYs. But in the end, it’s pushing the same underlying principles: the way to a more efficient future is to destroy belief in regulation, public investment, and democratic participation, whether the arena is charter schools or health care or housing affordability.
  • The YIMBYs Push Affordable Housing — The YIMBY explanation of gentrification focuses almost exclusively on consumer trends, such as an influx of wealthy millennials who grew up in the suburbs, but now want to live in cities and are driving longtime residents from their homes. GENTRIFICATION IS the process by which poor city neighborhoods are made viable for a wealthier subset of society. With the influx of the more affluent comes the displacement of longtime residents who are priced–or, in some cases, illegally evicted–out of their neighborhoods.
  • Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Says There Is No Housing Crisis: ‘It’s Just Housing Under Capitalism’ — Taylor’s new book is Race for Profit: How Banks and the Real Estate Industry Undermined Black Homeownership

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