Council Meeting Schedule for Comprehensive Master Plan

Upcoming City Council Meetings Focused on the Comprehensive Master Plan. Check back to be sure because the schedule may change.


  • After the Council’s last meeting in 2017 to consider amendments to the Plan, some Councilmembers have requested that Planning and Transportation issue a revised document reflecting all changes to date, so that Council and the public can review all changes in context before turning to the last round of amendments in early 2018.

W 10 Jan 2018: Consideration of Amendments regarding the Document as a Whole (time not available yet)

  • Proposed amendments on the Document as a Whole are due 9 Jan, Noon.

W 17 Jan 2018: Final Consideration of Amendments for the Document as a Whole (if necessary, time not available yet)

Members of the public wishing to submit an amendment must secure a Council sponsor. In the interest of such sponsorship, members of the public should either make the request directly to a Councilmember or e-mail .

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